The Challenge

Our client, a French manufacturer, contacted us to solve a field monitoring problem in the deli category. Objective was to establish a consistent and automated method to robustly track results in stores and drive sales.

Client decided to provide its teams on the field and at the headquarters with our image recognition-based solutions, PlanoCheck and PlanoConvert.

  • Using our intuitive mobile application, sales representatives would take snapshots of shelves and upload them to our cloud while in-store.
  • Pictures would be processed and products automatically recognized.
  • As a result, sales representatives and headquarter teams would receive customized planograms and statistics down to the store level.

Results at a glance

  • Each sales representative saved 3 to 4 hours per store and was able to present rapid recommendations and negotiate more easily with the store category manager
  • Share of shelf rose by 1.5 point in this category thanks to the use of PlanoCheck and PlanoConvert
  • Product sales increased by 10% to 30% in the stores where our client could implement an optimized planogram using Planorama’s solutions. Sales in the overall category grew by 5% to 17% in the same stores.

Go ahead. Have a look.