digitalizing retail execution

This is our story

It all began with a random encounter.
In 2009, while Vincent Jacques was taking on assignments for a major consulting firm, Adrien Auclair, was completing his PhD in Image Recognition technology. The two of them met in an alumni networking event in Paris. Together they started thinking about how image recognition could revolutionize the way companies and people perceive and impact their environment. One month later, Planorama was founded with the mission of enabling FMCG companies to leverage the power of image recognition to improve their retail execution.

Since then, Planorama has built out a well-oiled machine that delivers the cutting edge in retail insights to fuel its customers’ growth. More than 250 brands use our solutions to match in-store reality with their expectations. And it’s not just customers. Planorama has attracted major buzz from some of the best known publications, including Gartner. Lately, Kantar Retail Group and Smollan Group have invested in Planorama providing us with exceptional support and resources on the road to success.Today, Planorama is headquartered in Paris, France, with satellite offices in North America, South America, Europe and South-East Asia. More than 80 passionate professionals enable us to power manufacturers and retailers in over 20 countries across the globe.

At the core of planorama we have always wanted our customers to help us help them – this is the vision that drove us to build the products that our customers really needed

Vincent Jacques

We help our customers match in-store reality with their expectations

We said it already. But that’s what we do!

At Planorama, we leverage cutting-edge technologies to help you, our clients in the retail industry, match in-store reality with your expectations. But, wait a second: what does it really mean?

We know you invest a lot of time, energy and money to identify growth opportunities across your various distribution channels. You also want to design your own picture of success, which means imagining how the stores and shelves would look in an ideal world. Next step towards living the dream? Execution. In other words, implementing that ideal picture of success at store level. We know that measuring in-store reality against what you defined is thus mission-critical to you. Yet this is a tricky exercise. Just think of the various factors that can influence reality, such as competition, shopper behavior, retailer’s priorities, supply chain, and in-store operations. Our mission is to help you keep track of that moving reality and make sure the real world is always compliant with your ideal picture of success.

Today, to do all this, we use artificial intelligence. More specifically we rely on deep learning, a technique modelled on how the human brain works. But, tomorrow, we might use another technology. To be honest, we don’t know. However, what we do know is whatever is going to be best for you, that’s what our research team is into. Already.

Our manifesto

Not just for show, we live by it

We are driven

  • We get the right things done right
  • We love to win and celebrate success as a team
  • We commit to our clients’ satisfaction and success

We explore & learn

  • We seek to improve our skills, knowledge and practices
  • We show eagerness to experiment and learn
  • We take on our clients’ challenges as our own

We are flexible

  • We embrace positive change
  • We challenge the status-quo believing there is always a better way
  • We adapt our solutions to our clients’ needs

We Care

  • We treat everyone with trust and respect
  • We express gratitude genuinely and wholeheartedly
  • We listen to our clients and put their feedback into action