Retail execution

Turn shelf pictures into insights and insights into action. Easy.

Your products have a date with shoppers. Why let antiquated, manual store checks that do not secure a perfect retail execution get in the way? Here is the next-gen tool to help you face your toughest in-store execution challenges: PlanoCheck. With our smart take on deep learning and image recognition, you can now measure all your shelf KPIs from a single shelf photo.  Make your sales reps’ life easier with an instant report to act upon while they are still in the store. Centrally access up-to-the-minute consolidated data for all your SKUs, stores, chains and channels to make better and faster decisions. And ensure shoppers’ in-store experience with your products is the one you have designed for them.

Get valuable insights into the life of your shelves

Track all this and more. Everywhere.


On Shelf Availability
Out Of Stock
Share Of Shelf
Numerical Distribution
New Product Development
And more…



Product location
Shelf standards
Brand blocks
Brand flows
Eye level
And more…



Facing compliance
Share Of Shelf compliance
Shelf index compliance
Product sequence compliance
And more…



Secondary display
Promoted SKUs
Promotion compliance
Seasonal campaigns
And more…



Price tag compliance
Pricing compliance
Promotional prices
Price marked packaging
Competitive benchmarks
And more…



New product alert
Share Of Shelf
Secondary displays
And more…


Faster, sharper, broader, steadier

Transform your business with more...


  • Save up to 80% on shelf measurement time
  • Give your sales reps insights within 5 minutes


  • Get the best accuracy rates in the market: 98%
  • Cut the human errors (15% to 40% on manual store checks)


  • Have more KPIs (incl. competitors’) at hand
  • Increase measurement frequency and store coverage


  • Robustly aggregate data to spot trends
  • Adopt an objective, identical, and repeatable measurement method across the board

Achieve true competitive advantage

All the facts you need to get everyone onboard

Save costs

  • Cut 3rd party auditing costs
  • Cut 3rd party sample market data costs (eg SOS and price check data providers)

Optimize retail planning and execution

  • Get an unbiased error-free view of what’s really happening in-store
  • Speed up the identification of growth opportunities and performance gaps
  • Track your sales teams and merchandizers performance in real-time
  • Drive sales reps productivity with better working conditions and moral

Unlock new growth opportunities

  • Focus the reps in-store time on growth activities
  • Enable real-time action at the point of sale
  • Drive in-store activity based on compliance gaps for a larger set of KPIs
  • Broaden your horizon with data for every store, every channel, every SKU. (Yes, for your competitors’ too)
  • Enable flexible resource model, i.e a mix of 3rd party, crowd-sourcers and in-house reps, with a unique way of working
  • Support global perfect store programs

Make it easier with retailers

  • Empower your teams (KAMs, Catmans, Field forces) with a data driven argumentation to facilitate collaboration with retailers
  • Share ready-to-use lists of missing SKUs to facilitate order taking by stores
  • Improve monitoring of retailer performance

Accelerate your digital transformation

  • Take a step further in digitalizing your retail execution
  • Embed state-of-the-art and high potential technology in your processes, unlocking future opportunities

Your unique needs, uniquely catered for

We’ve got you covered

For any category

  • Working in a complex 500-SKU category?
    No worries, we support all types and all sizes of category.

For any KPI

  • We produce standard and custom KPIs.
    Our KPI reports are based on your product characteristics.

For any STORE

  • Worried about imperfect shelves, narrow aisles, strange angles?
    Our solution copes with it all, with just one picture.
  • Concerned about poor web connection in some stores?
    Our mobile app allows for sync. So nothing gets lost even if your people can’t get online.

For any geography

  • Our mobile app currently supports 5 languages to help you address your various markets.
    Your language is not available? Our developer team will be happy to add it to our catalog.


  • Modern trade, traditional trade, vending, drugstores and pharmacies, out of home, horeca. You name it.

Witness the 5-minute miracle


Shoot a shelf

Capture the shelf with your smartphone, tablet or camera


Upload to our cloud

Send us your photos on the spot, using EDGE/3G/4G or WIFI


Pictures are processed

Products are automatically recognized, shelf KPIs are instantly generated

Within 5 minutes

Check out the reports

Get actionable on-device feedback, access online management dashboards

Within 5 minutes