Match in-store reality with your expectations

Digitalize in-store measurements with our leading Image Recognition solutions for Retail. Get real-time actionable insights from a simple shelf photo. And ensure shelf reality is always compliant with your Picture of Success.

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Retail execution

PlanoCheck helps you turn shelf pictures into insights, and insights into action.


Planogram automation

PlanoConvert automatically transforms in-store pictures and pdfs into planograms in any format.


Space planning

With PlanoManager, you can build planograms in a matter of minutes.


Artificial Intelligence for Retail

Latest AI advancements and especially deep learning are game changing in the retail industry. Now the power of computers combined with the amount of images that can be send, stored and processed, unlock the potential of image recognition.

Our proprietary image recognition platform is powered by this cutting-edge technology and it allows Planorama to take full advantage of the amount of information present in pictures and to adapt in real time to in-store packages/products evolution. So you can measure with an amazing precision the difference between the reality in stores and your expectations.

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    Gartner: Image Recognition Can Help Consumer Goods Manufacturers Win at the Retail Shelf
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    Promotion Organization Institute (POI): Retail execution vendor panorama
  • June 2016
    Gartner: Market guide for retail execution and monitoring solutions for consumer goods industry
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    Gartner : Image recognition, the intersection of digital business and analytics at the store shelf

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23 February 2018, 12:09 pm

Introducing our new Chief Innovation Officer: Frédéric Jahard

I am extremely pleased to announce that Frédéric Jahard has joined Planorama’s leadership team as Chief Innovation Officer.

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