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Why join?

There is no secret ingredient: to become the No.1 in image recognition for the retail space, we’ve hired the best people and nurtured them. If you are looking for a place that values you for being smart, driven, caring, flexible, fun, experimental and a lifelong learner, then look no further, we’d love to hear from you! We’ll make sure, you will have everything you need to build a fulfilling career as well as strengthen the Planorama success story.

Why it’s a great place to work

Challenging and inspiring professional journey

Strong company culture with a sense of belonging

Great office environment to feed your creativity

Flexible work structure to balance work and life

Team events to celebrate and have fun

Teams & Roles at Planorama

Peter Porfy

Core Lead Web Developer

“Planorama provides me with two main exciting things: a startup vibe and real full stack development. It is an established startup with an already running business so you can actually have a good work life balance while enjoying the agility of startups. It is full stack because you literally have to deal with everything: backend, frontend, different kinds of databases, cloud services, infrastructure, integrations, deployments, automation, monitoring and so on. You can learn a lot and have a real impact.”

Beatrice Kamenicky

Global Treasurer

“I started at Planorama at the end of 2010 when the company had 15 employees only. I worked for 3 years in the sales team on the development of the Italian market. In 2014 I moved to being CEO PA and started working with the Admin team (clients invoices and treasury). This is the department where I work today. I enjoy working at Planorama because the atmosphere is always dynamic and the people are very proactive. Days are rarely boring and tasks are constantly evolving, meaning monotony never gets to the office.”

Peter Markus

Lead Product Owner

“The main thing I enjoy in my job at Planorama? Variety. I’m usually responsible for 6-7 projects simultaneously, with people internally and externally from all over the world. Honestly, there’s always something exciting happening!

Getting to know the underlying technology in detail is also pretty stimulating: artificial intelligence, deep learning, image recognition, etc. Last but not least, I feel very lucky because I have my own team of very talented people. I get to help them grow professionally while developing my own people skills.”


At Planorama diversity is not a percentage or a number. We believe we can work best together if you bring your whole self to work every day. Our strength lies in our diverse ways of thinking, approaching complex challenges and how all our differences make us a better team and an awesome place to work. As we like to be treated equal, we treat all partners, clients and employees with trust and respect. That’s why Planorama is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace.