Space planning

See how PlanoManager can help you build planograms
in a matter of minutes. Literally.

Imagine, a tool that lets catmans be catmans and sales reps be sales reps. Instead of wasting so much energy building planograms. Meet the answer to their prayers, and yours. Because less time wrestling with space planning tools means more time selling to retailers and stores. With PlanoManager and PlanoManager Touch, it’s easy. And done in minutes, not hours.

The features list that reads like your wish-list

See how a great tool delivers

Build planograms in any format within minutes

  • Keep it simple with our intuitive features: keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop
  • Create plans in any format (PSA, PLN, XML, ICP) to meet your needs and your customers’

Meet our smart cloud-based product database

  • See the whole product database at a glance
  • Use our advanced product search features: product visuals, cross-brand search, cross-category search
  • Get your full product database centrally updated and available for everyone at anytime
  • Make the most of your time with off-line access

Mutualize your effort with our shared plan database

  • Get visibility of every single planogram created by your team
  • Avoid starting from scratch: build new planograms based on existing plans from the cloud-based shared database
  • Never lose plans again with our two-way sync feature

Update planograms with both eyes closed

  • Import a new assortment into an existing planogram using a simple xls file
  • Let PlanoManager automatically suggest a plan reorganization
  • Or quickly identify the products to be manually added or removed thanks to our highlight feature

Get your KPIs in one click

  • Access your merchandising KPIs (SOS, SOA, OOS, number of facings) and financial KPIs (revenue, gross/cumulative margin, profitability, markup, financial performance, out of stock revenue, stock max, etc.) within the app
  • Filter results by chain/store/plan/period
  • Generate automatic xls and ppt reports

Localize your merchandising efforts

  • We support imperial and metric units
  • PlanoManager and PlanoManager Touch are available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

Become a PlanoManager expert in no time

  • Thanks to its very intuitive user interface, master the basics of PlanoManager in a couple of hours
  • To go further, included in all our packages: half a day of on-site training tailored to your needs + free 5/7 hotline

Start winning at retail with space planning

Benefits you can measure in time and money

Merchandising strategy

  • Build retailer-and store-specific merchandising recommendations
  • Share central recommendations with field teams

Cost savings

  • Reduce the costs of working with third parties to obtain planograms
  • Cut the costs of maintaining your product image library


  • Save up to 60% of your merchandising team’s and sales reps’ time (vs manual building)
  • Reduce training and onboarding time of new hires

Customer relationship

  • Support your customer on selling out, not just selling in
  • Share ready-to-use planograms with retailers and stores