Space Planning


It's about time

to have a space planning tool that lets catmans be catmans and sales reps be sales reps


Work better. Faster.

Excel in your job with an intuitive space planning software that accompanies you to design tailored merchandising recommendations for your clients. Help retailers win over shoppers’ hearts and minds by saving up to 50% time on planogram creation to focus on their specific needs. And, save yourself the trouble of managing your ever-evolving product database. All of this with a single tool.

Stay customer-centric.
Save time building planograms to focus on your client needs.

Start now.
Work in an MS Office-like environment and be operational within 1/2 day.

Capitalize on teamwork.
Clone planograms to gain time on planogram creation.

Create planograms intuitively. Rapidly.

The planogram library hosted on Planorama’s secured cloud enables you to customize existing planograms to avoid losing unnecessary time on the creation of new POGs. PlanoManager’s central library allows you to search for, clone, and modify any one of the planograms you are authorized to see.

PlanoManager’s search feature helps you find the products, brand or categories you want to incorporate in your planogram.

Using keyboards shortcuts, you can delete old SKUs and drag and drop new ones into the correct spaces.


You can save your planogram using the industry format of your choice (PSA, PLN, XML, ICP) and automatically enrich the POG library.

Meanwhile, PlanoManager’s two-way sync feature ensures no planogram ever gets lost.

Optimize sell-ins and sell-outs.

PlanoManager’ statistics track and report planograms’ financial and merchandising KPIs. They combine sales data with the changes made on planograms to give you and your client instantly visibility on how it performs, looking at the number of SKUs, margin, turnaround time, and so on.

PlanoManager helps you save time as you build your argumentation to support your merchandising recommendations to your clients. The statistics it provides can be exported into automatic .xls and .ppt reports to add to your presentation.

You can quickly ensure Perfect Store compliance thanks to PlanoManager’s comparison feature. Without exporting data, PlanoManager provides comparative analytics between two planograms. You can also monitor facing variations to compare planograms in more details.

Simplify management of your product database.

PlanoManager automatically updates the product database with new assortments and innovations as users import them into the tool (using .xls or .csv formats).

The updated product database remains available to all users anytime, anywhere, on- and offline.

Using PlanoManager strengthens our legitimacy as a preferred partner. It helps us build a more professional and transparent dialogue with our clients’ central teams and stores.

Anne Aubry-Marais
Market Category Manager at Pernod France

Integrate with your favorite apps

PlanoManager integrates with Kantar Consulting’s retail and purchase data analytics solutions to accompany you as you make the best recommendations for your clients.

Import RichMix‘s optimized assortments and recommendations into PlanoManager to optimize your planograms to the fullest.

Use the power of Kantar Consulting’s Virtual Reality to immerse your client in your vision of their Perfect Store.


Bring sales and merchandising a step further

Instill Image Recognition into category management

Dedicate even more time to your client and help them make impactful decisions. Assist them on how to optimize their retail strategy by supporting your arguments with reliable and actionable insights.

How? Use the image recognition capabilities of PlanoConvert to transform any shelf picture into a planogram automatically. Then, analyze your merchandising strategy; review your planogram’s KPIs using the statistics feature on PlanoManager.

Listen to our client Benjamin Morgen, a Market Category Manager at Pernod France, to know more about the benefits of this integration.

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